Monday, 22 January 2018

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 22nd January, 2018

Hmmm … 

I’m mildly nervous, today.

I’ve got … 

Interviews … !

One — late this afternoon — is at the job centre.

Ridiculously, I’ve had to reapply for the Universal Credit I’m on, as a result of the overtime I’ve done.

Now hours are going back to normal … ?

I have to reapply: unlike LAST year, where they just carried monitoring me … !

Ridiculous is possibly putting it mildly …

The other interview … ?

Is at a call centre: that’s very local: literally, three minutes up the road!

Here’s hoping I get something out of it.

It would save a lot of money on transport … 


In other news?

I’ve had something of a revelation … !

I watched Darren Aronovsky film, mother!, last night.

Which is a bit … you know … odd.

Or, at least, odder than I felt appealing.

Hmmm … 

Have you heard of feedback?   You’ve possibly heard some, if you’ve heard some of Jimi Hendrix’s more outré tunes.

It’s happens when you put a audio source, a speaker say, too near a pickup: a microphone or guitar pickup, for example.

You get a lot of electronic shrieking.

Fine, if you’re Jimi Hendrix.

Not if you’re a blogger in Essex.

Last night, I realised that feedback … was what was causing the horrible shrieking noise, I’d get: whenever I used my new webcam.

It’s picking up the hum from my computer’s speakers.

I’ve — sort of — solved the problem, though.

By turning down the computer.

Ahem … !


mother!: what the duck?

21st January, 2018.

No, really, I’m a duck … !

Yeah … quack, quack … !

Ahem … !

Just in case you hadn’t realised … ?

That’s me in that introduction.

Fresh off of tonight’s movie action.


Let me briefly introduce myself, here, if I can … ?

My name’s Paul: also known — for various reasons — as Nik Nak.

I’m — currently — working in a call centre: but have worked in  pubs, fast food gaffs, toyshops … and ran pub quizzes.

I’ve also blogged about all and sundry: for the past decade.

Including about TV shows I’ve watched.

And movies.   I like the occasional movie.

It’s a movie that I’ve watched, tonight.

The 2017 film, mother!: written and directed by Darren Aronovsky.

Something I’d fancied seeing, as two previous Aronovsky films — π and Black Swan — had mildly impressed me.


Strange … ?


mother! is set in a house in an isolated glade: owned by an unnamed poet — only referred to as Him, played by Javier Bardem — that’s been burnt down by a fire.

And being reconstructed by his equally unnamed wife — referred to as mother, and played by Jennifer Lawrence — who’s throughly enjoying the quiet life.

Until one day … ?

Their lives are interrupted by uninvited guests.

A dying, equalling unnamed, doctor — ‘Man’, played by Ed Harris — and his wife, ‘Woman,’ Michelle Pfeiffer.

Which is where …

Things …

Get … 

Disjointed … 

And mother’s life is irreparably changed … 


Now … 

Strange … ?

Strange is the word.

Or one word, certainly.

The other one I’d use?

Is ‘dream-like.’

Aronovsky has written and directed mother! so that it comes across with the disjointedness of a waking dream, with jumps from one line to another, Him disappearing from one door to come in at another, and discussions and conversations taking different directions: seemingly at random, and seemingly with no apparent cause.

mother get’s abruptly pregnant, for example: immediately after after a tastefully rough bedroom scene.

Him writing a poem which never, seemingly, leaves the house …  only for his publisher to phone to say how much she liked it.

Leaving mother very confused: as this is seconds after she’s given her opinion of it.


Well made?

The answer’s got to be yes: to both questions.


Now … 

You’re possibly saying “Paul, what did you think of mother! … ?”

Oh, that’s a tough one.


That really is tough … 

Right now, I don’t know that I could tell you I liked it.

It is very well made: with — possibly — a lot of depth, meaning, and philosophy there, if you chose to look for it.

But I think it’s a film I found mildly confusing.

Not that I mind confusing, occasionally.   I’m a fan of 1960s version of The Prisoner, which some will tell you is incredibly confusing.

And of Denis Potter’s The Singing Detective: which some will tell you is just as confusing.

Both of which?   Both of which I found straight-forward, compared to mother!: even though both The Prisoner and mother! — in their final scenes — loop back around to their respective starts, after convoluted finales.


mother!’s only getting two stars from me.

It’s a well crafted movie: and one that is, with its dreamlike logic, worth watching at least once.

You might take to it.

But, ultimately?

mother! wasn’t for me.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 21st January, 2018.

Bleaugh … 

I think I need more sleep!

Or, at least, I needed more sleep, yesterday.

I REALLY managed to lose my temper — twice — dealing with some awkward punters.

Not a good thing: especially if — as a result — your supervisor tells you to get out of the office, to get some fresh wire and calm down!

I think I managed that … 

But, LORD, what a day … !


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 20-1-2018: On Islands.


Again with the yawning!

Again … because I’m up early for work.

In one sense?

In one sense, it’s knackering, it really is.

And I’m not getting any younger!

The upside … ?

Is that it means I get the night off.

OK, granted, I’m not going to do anything more that get an early night … 

But hitting the sack does have some appeal, right now … !


Friday, 19 January 2018

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 19th January, 2018.

*Yawns* … 


There’s a reason for that … !

Yes: I’m off to work, early, today.


I think I’m regretting it, already.

Frankly … ?

I want to go back to bed …